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Guest Editorial by Kevin O'Brien

As submitted to the Forest Hills Journal October 11, 2013

I believe the duties of a Township Trustee are to be fiscally responsible and grasp the factors that are crucial to the vitality of our community.

Collaboration is also critical to a healthy and vibrant Anderson Township.

As a candidate 4 years ago I promised fiscal responsibility, to bring fresh energy to the board, strive to make Anderson’s future brighter and was firmly against any underground mining in our community. 

My first term will be coming to a close in a few months.  Let’s look at the record.

Fiscal responsibility.  YES.

Spending for the last 3 calendar years has been reduced by over $6,000,000 dollars (17.2%).  Reversing a trend of increased spending from 2001 thru 2009 (up 156.3%).  Outsiders have noticed.  Moody’s Investors Service, a global financial rating firm, acknowledged our efforts with the highest rating possible, Aaa in April 2010.

Fresh Energy to the Board.  YES. 

As a board member I make it a point to ask the tough questions, not only in staff meetings but also during the televised public board meetings.  I am 100% committed to the job, attending all scheduled board meetings since taking office in January 2010.

Brighter Future.  YES.

Home values are stable and rising.  Anderson Township is seeing unparalleled economic activity and investment.  The riverfront at River Downs is well on its way to completing a $200mm renovation.  Investment by local businesses on Clough Pike at Hunley Road is continuing.  The development at Beechmont Ave and Asbury Road was a significant improvement to the corner.  Kroger is planning to expand.  Other businesses along Beechmont and Five Mile have begun investment into our community.  The Salem Road business district has seen improvements.  There are meaningful pockets of economic activity where there was none before.

Underground mine.  On Hold.

Underground mining in Anderson is a very bad idea.    

I’ve lived in Anderson most of my life.  My family’s roots in the township date to the 1930’s.  I’m a graduate of the Forest Hills School system and the University of Cincinnati. 

It is with pleasure and pride I call Anderson Township home.

Anderson Township residents enjoy high quality governmental services including road maintenance and snow removal, an active walking/biking trail program, Sheriffs and Fire & Rescue departments.   

Township Trustees should publicly support all the items that make Anderson a great place to live.  To me items of importance are keeping home values stable to rising, continued great public services provided by township government as stated above and of course active support of the Anderson Park system, Forest Hills Schools and local businesses.

As your Township Trustee I promise to continue working hard to keep Anderson Township at its best, be fiscally responsible and bring solid leadership to all decisions.

On Tuesday November 5th or by absentee ballot, when you cast one of your 2 votes for Trustee, remember Kevin O’Brien.   Keep our Township, Public Safety, and Community excellent.  Vote for a candidate that understands and has delivered on these quality items.  Re-Elect Kevin O’Brien for Trustee.